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Second (1)

Nora Klein always believed God was the Author of her life. Lately though, it feels like her story has morphed into a tragedy as she grieves her broken engagement and the loss of her beloved aunt. Desperate for a fresh start, Nora jumps at a friend’s invitation to relocate to Booklyn, Oregon, the self-proclaimed literary capital of the world. She hopes the town might help her escape her history of ending up second best and rewrite her life—this time with a happy ending.

 When Gray Alexander’s romance left him with a broken heart, he made it his life mission to heal the wounded. From the sickly violets in his office to his widowed cousin and her selectively mute daughter, he escapes the pain of his broken dreams by rescuing others. Nora, the new employee in his greenhouse, just seems like one more person to help. He never expected to find himself attracted to her.

Nora might feel the attraction, too, but with her past, trust is rarer than a first edition Gutenberg Bible. As Gray and Nora decide whether to risk their battered hearts on a new relationship, estranged relatives, a returning ex, and interfering neighbors all threaten their happy ending. If they trust God to write their love story, can they believe He won’t need rewrites?

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