The Word Not Chosen


Like most people, I am starting 2020 with multiple plans to start the new year right — and a plethora of highly silly jokes about having perfect vision because it is the year 2020.

Sadly, I still need glasses and life doesn’t come with a ten-step program of the exact correct thing to do. One might pray and ask for God’s leading, but in the end, it is up to them to actually take a step forward.

As my friends posted their chosen words for the year, I was surprised. I had never thought about choosing a word that would be my guide for a year. I have written New Year’s resolutions, but I have never thought to contain all of those many goals — weight loss, more exercise, and traveling to planet Mars — in one single word.

Then I realized that for many years, I have had a word. Oh, I didn’t write it down or make a lovely meme. No, I pasted it in my brain and allowed it to consume me. “Perfection.”

egg-2048476_640Perfection doesn’t sound like a dangerous word. On the surface, it might even seem like a good word. We should always be striving to be better, purer, godlier.

But like an egg that looks smooth, porcelain, and easy to hold on the outside, you crack open perfection and you find slime and slipperiness. It oozes from your hands and is impossible to hold onto.

Perfection forces one to refrain from trying anything unless it is without any mistakes on the first try. Perfection leaves one spiritually struggling because every sin seems impossible to find forgiveness for. Perfection can leave one scared to press post on a blog or comment because there might be a misplaced comma or misspelled word.egg-943413_640

Perfection can leave one stuck.

We are told to be perfect as God is perfect–but we are also told to strive, press forward, and run the race. As someone who recently fell in love with biking, I can tell you that the first time I rode I didn’t go very far, and my legs suffered from jello-itis. The next time I rode farther. And as the distance grew, the residual pain and stiffness lessened.

The truth is we can’t be perfect without God. We won’t be perfect in this life. Yet, in Christ, we can find new life. Hope. And someday, through Him, we will be perfect.

silhouette-683751_640So maybe 2020 has brought me clearer vision. I haven’t picked a word that will define my year. I have picked a word that will not define my year.

So, do you have a word that will define your year? Or a word that will NOT define your year?



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