Litbits, Bitbits, and More Inspired Bits


I recently received a Fitbit. Although I am still getting used to all the functions, I find it fun to have a personal trainer on my wrist who yells at me, encourages me, and celebrates my fitness victories with black and white fireworks.

A Fitbit basically takes me back to my childhood where taking three steps or finishing lunch without creating an art installment entitled “A Study of Spaghetti On the Wall” garnered me the praise of both my parents.

My Fitbit is equally as encouraging — until it isn’t. Yesterday, I was in the car for an hour and a half trip. My Fitbit popped up a reminder toward the end of the trip that I only had 250 of 250 steps to reach my hour goal. Sadly, I opted not to stop my car at the side of the road and march around it like the children of Israel marched around

Having a Fitbit has also inspired me to think up other kinds of “Bits.” Why not a “Litbit” that encourages me to read and pops up messages about only having 40 words left to reach a goal? Honestly, though, I would like to know how many words I read a day — whether the ones I’m writing, reading for enjoyment, or just glancing at on a cereal box.

Or what about a “Bitbit.” Primarily because Bitbit is fun to say, but this bit tracker would read the size of hole you needed for a screw — and then help you find the drill bit like a metal detector helps you find gold.knitting-1430153_640

Then there could be the “Knitbit.” I don’t knit, but this tracker would tell one how many stitches they create. Another setting would celebrate inches of knitwear created. Unfortunately, people who crochet or embroider are out since “Crochetbit” and “Embroiderbit” simply don’t have the same pizzazz as “Knitbit.”

Nor does the “Christ-Likebit,” but think about how the world might change if we had a tjesus-3135229_640racker on our wrist capable of encouraging us to say that extra prayer, extend love to someone who needs it, or warn us that the anger roiling in our stomachs isn’t exactly Christ-like.

I would write more, but my Fitbit needs sustenance.

What is a unique “Bit” you can think of?


1 thought on “Litbits, Bitbits, and More Inspired Bits”

  1. A publisher recently switched to sending their ebooks through a platform called BookShout. It turns out it performs like a Fitbit for reading. It congratulated me when I hit certain reading milestones (which it must have pre-set because I didn’t). The first time, it startled me. Reading is something I don’t normally need outside motivation to do. Ha Also, when I finish a book, it automatically puts a big check mark on it, which is actually helpful because ebooks aren’t the same as finding your bookmark and realizing you aren’t finished. I recommend BookShout because I do enjoy the encouragement! It’s like checking off a to-do list but of something fun.

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