Hairy Experiences


In my family, if something gross, disgusting, or disturbing must happen then it will happen to me. This is as certain as Murphy’s Law and gravity.

I have learned to accept this as my fate and even look upon the odd occurrences that make up my life as gifts in the form of ideas for my writing. After all, if I have to have these experiences than so do my characters.

But the hair… I wouldn’t even subject my villains to that level of trauma.

My first hair occurrence took place in Brazil. We were headed to the airport to go home on furlough and were on an eight-hour bus trip. We pulled up outside a truck stop restaurant and headed in along with everyone else for lunch. spaghetti-863304_640

It was a by-the-weight buffet (very common in Brazil) and after hours on a bus, and the stress of getting things ready for furlough, I didn’t feel much like eating. The only thing that looked good at all was the spaghetti. So I mainly put spaghetti on my plate and headed for the table to eat.

And that’s when I noticed that one of the strands of spaghetti was not like the others. It was dark and thin. Almost like hair…

Thus ended my lunch.

The second hair occurrence took place in Wales. I had traveled over to see my sister and we had decided to stop for ice cream. We ordered a waffle cone and I chose honeycomb as my flavor. It was delicious. Cool, creamy and studded with crunchy caramel.

ice-879552_640And then in my ice cream I noticed some caramel that wasn’t like the other caramel. In fact, it was dark and thin. Almost like hair…


And there went my ice cream.

My third hair occurrence took place in Shanghai.

After days of noodles and very few vegetables, I longed for something healthy. My aunt and I decided to go to Pizza Hut where we could get a salad and pizza. I looked forward to that salad all day long.

I looked down at it with anticipation as the waiter set it on the table in front of me. After asking a blessing I dug in. Two bites later I noticed something. Something thin and dark and

Well, you know the chorus by now.salad-374173_640

I probably should just write a book and call it, “Around the World with Hair in My Food.”

Then again, I really want to avoid any more, shall we say, research.

Have you ever found a “special” additive in your food?

2 thoughts on “Hairy Experiences”

  1. Around the world with hair in my food! That is a hilarious title! 😂😂 Well I’m sorry you’ve had so many such experiences – maybe your signature for your book needs to be that at least one of your characters ends up with a hair in their food in every novel.


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