Pessimists, Optimists, and Realists


There are three kinds of people in the world.

    1.  Pessimists–they see the glass as half empty.
    2. Optimists–they see the glass as half full.
    3. Realists–they have an optimistic view of their own pessimism and put a lot more thought into the whole empty/full debate.

For instance, a realist puts the glass debate into perspective.  If one is drinking from the glass, it is half empty.  If one is pouring into the glass, it is half full.

However, even this is up for debate.  While drinking a milkshake I don’t want to end, I see the glass as half empty.  My dad’s apple shake was another matter.smoothie-1610909_640

My family has always tried to eat healthy.  This has often included the addition of fruit drinks into our diet.  Notice I said fruit as in more than one kind.  This is a very important feature of fruit drinks.

Years ago my mother had been called away to jury duty, and my dad was left home to do the homeschooling and feed his four daughters.  Wanting to be a good dad, he decided to make a fruit drink.  The only problem was that the only kind of fruit in the house was apples.

Not to be deterred, my dad threw them into the blender and voila a healthy drink that tasted like warm, really bad applesauce.  The beverage also had the ability to multiply in the cup and never end.

In that day as I struggled to down my apple drink, I realized a glass could be half full and it could be a very bad thing.

However, as tastes are relative to people, some might see the milkshake as awful or my dad’s apple drink as a culinary masterpiece (if you do, visit the doctor for taste bud therapy).

So one can just go back to the original idea of whether one is drinking or pouring as a way of determining full/empty relativity, but what happens if you enter the room and there is a half glass sitting on the counter?

There is an exact mathematical formula to determine the answer.  First solve for Pi.  Next race around your house twenty times as fast as you can.  Divide the number of steps you took, by the time it took your breath to return to normal and multiply that by the first seven digits of Pi.  Look at the glass on the counter. math-1500720_640

By this time, I guarantee you will be so thirsty you will drink the glass of water without caring about categorizing its fullness/emptiness.

Okay, so that was a joke.  The real way to solve the problem is to get a cup out of the cupboard that is half the size of the glass on the counter.  Pour the liquid into the smaller cup and you now have a full glass and an empty glass.

Making pessimists, optimists, and realists happy enough to toast each other with apple shakes.

But I wouldn’t recommend it.

Are you a pessimist, optimist or realist?


2 thoughts on “Pessimists, Optimists, and Realists

  1. Is this a trick question? I honestly feel the answer depends. Some days I feel more optimistic than others. The time of day matters. Things tend to look brighter to me in the morning. My level of sleep also has an impact. If I had to choose, I’d say I’m a realist. But I’ve been told I have a negative view of reality at times. How’s that for clear as an 🍏 shake?


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